Paul Chato

Hello denizens of the internet!

Most of you have arrived here most likely due to the fact that you saw my YouTube channel first and you were breathlessly curious to find out more about me. Back in the day we always called each other by our last names, “Hey Chato!” Sometimes we used more colourful language like, “Hey shit-for-brains.” That would have made for a great channel name but it was taken so I decided to go with, Call Me Chato.

I am utterly fascinated by how this Internet, streaming, YouTube, social media thing is evolving from the perspective of an independent producer.

I’m interested in what is happening to broadcast TV, which is where I started, as it seems to be slowly fading away from its once pre-eminent position in our lives. I’m trying to figure out this new form of entertainment.

Oh, and I love sitcoms. Forgot to mention that.

If you came here first and have never been to my YouTube channel, here is the link for your convenience. Be seeing you.